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Introducing: Ariyh Pro

Hundreds of insights whenever you need them, science-based Q&As with me about your marketing problems, and much more.

📈 Introducing: Ariyh Pro (and Ariyh’s new platform!)

It’s hard to explain how much this moment means to me. I’ve been dreaming about it ever since starting Ariyh 3.5 years ago. And so many of you have asked me for something like this that I’ve lost count.

I’ve always wanted Ariyh to be the place where all professional marketers worth their salt can go and easily check: “What does the latest scientific evidence say I should do?”

(Instead of relying on biased opinions, random Google searches, or sketchy advice from ChatGPT).

Ariyh’s weekly newsletter goes very far in achieving this. But by its nature, it’s limited (what you receive is not necessarily what you need right at that moment). 

And often problems are more complex and intertwined than what one insight alone can address.

Today, this changes. And my dream comes true.

Introducing: Ariyh Pro 🎓

Built on a completely new, categorized, Ariyh platform (I’m in love with the designs, curious to hear what you think!), it’s specifically designed for marketers and founders who use the latest research to drive better marketing results.

Here’s what you get as an Ariyh Pro subscriber:

🖥️ Hundreds of insights anytime you need them

Use Ariyh’s new platform to easily filter through hundreds of categorized insights (e.g. messaging, ads, promotions) so you can apply them when you need them. My team and I are always adding new insights so you’re constantly up to date with the latest scientific evidence in marketing.

On average, a research paper costs $30 to access and 3 hours to understand. With Ariyh Pro, in just minutes you can put hundreds of them to work. 

57% of you have already applied at least one insight to improve your results. Imagine what you can do now.

Here is how it looks 👇

❓ Science-based Q&As

Join a community of evidence-based marketers where you learn from each other’s marketing problems - and how to address them using the latest scientific evidence.

Wondering how to solve a specific problem? Ask! I will answer it, with the help of my team of Marketing PhDs (from top universities like Chicago Illinois, ESADE, Monash), and we will all learn from the question and answer. It’s like having your team of practically-minded marketing scientists to consult with.

We’ll start with 2 questions per month (and scale from there). I'll pick and respond to the questions that maximize our learnings. Of course, names and company details are hidden upon your request.

🙏 Grow with Ariyh and reap the benefits

Shape Ariyh’s future with me. You will get special discounts on everything Ariyh (e.g. Playbooks) and always be the first to access new learnings, new features, and 1:1 support to help you be a better evidence-based marketer.

🔓 Ready for it? Grab it now

I want as many of you as possible to benefit from Ariyh Pro. So I have kept the price as low as I possibly could. I want it to be a no-brainer. So that’s what it is.

You will get access to $6,000+ worth of research papers, science-based Q&As, and more, for only $99.9 / year. That’s just $8.3 / month, less than Netflix - but with an extremely high ROI.

But wait. It gets even better.

As a special launch offer, subscribe within the next 7 days, and you get Ariyh Pro for 50% off your first year: Only $49.95 (that’s just $4.16 per month)

This offer expires on the 22nd February. I expect over 1,000 evidence-based marketing pros to join this year.

Questions? Check out the FAQ below or reply with your questions.


Do I need to have Ariyh Pro to try the platform?

Anyone can visit Ariyh’s new platform at ariyh.com/insights. You can try out the filters and see some sample free insights. However, the vast majority of insights are accessible only to Ariyh Pro users.

Can I expense Ariyh Pro?

Ariyh Pro improves your marketing results, so you can usually get your company to pay for it. These templates will help you (even if you don’t have a specific learning budget). 

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Of course. Ask for a refund within 30 days and you will get it. All you have to do is share what didn’t work for you and you’ll get a refund.

Do you have team pricing?

Yes. If you want to subscribe to Ariyh Pro a team of 3 or more people, you will get 20% off. Just reach out to [email protected] and we’ll quickly set you up.

Do you have special pricing for academics?

Ariyh’s mission is to make your research more accessible and easily applicable in practice. Your work is invaluable.

If your institution will not reimburse you for Ariyh Pro and you are unable to support Ariyh yourself, please fill out this form to apply for complimentary access.

How and when can I cancel?

You can easily cancel anytime before your yearly subscription renews.

What kind of questions do you answer?

Here are just some examples:

  • How can the ad creatives of an ecommerce brand be optimized? 

  • Which social proof would work best on a travel booking page?

  • What would increase conversions on a SaaS landing page? 

  • How can a B2B sales deck be made more persuasive?

  • What would improve a struggling acquisition strategy?

How do you decide which questions to answer in the Q&A?

To start, I will pick them manually so that we don't repeat similar questions (e.g. how do I optimize my landing page). In the future, I will explore an upvoting system, archive of questions, and ability to ask follow up questions.

Is Ariyh’s newsletter still free?

Yes. Ariyh’s weekly newsletter remains as it is, free for everyone. Q&As and hundreds of more insights are only accessible to Ariyh Pro members. 

Any other questions?

Write to [email protected]

Sounds good? Grab Ariyh Pro within the next 7 days for 50% off.