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Q&A: How do you increase conversions on this page?

Science-based insights to improve conversions of a SaaS enterprise demo booking page.

This is an example Ariyh Pro’s exclusive 🔒 new Q&A, where you ask questions about your marketing problems - and I answer them with the latest scientific evidence. 

Topics: Website/App | Messaging & Copy
For: B2B. Can be tested for B2C

👤 Question from

From Marta, Head of Content at a SaaS*.

*Pseudonym. She asked to keep her name and company anonymous.

❓ Question

90% of the demos for our Enterprise plan are booked through this page. But the number of demos booked through it has been gradually declining.

How should we improve the form or page to increase the conversion rate?

Here is the page (identifying info is blurred) 👇

🎓 Answer

This is a case that will require some experimentation. Here are some possible tests I suggest running:

1) Show a review

Add a testimonial under the 3rd step. Choose one that addresses their general or specific objections. For example “[Company] really adapted to our needs and crafted the solution we needed” or “[Salesperson’s name] is super knowledgeable and quickly understood our needs”. Try to keep it in present tense [Ariyh insight].

Make sure to include the reviewers’ name, role, and picture. Ideally, include a star rating. Keep it short and to the point.

2) Make it feel more personal

Do you have 1 or 2 specific people who will be getting on the demo call? Put their names, a picture, title that gives them credibility as experts, and make it a “Chat with [Name]” [Ariyh insight]

3) Focus more on the reader’s needs

Speak more directly about your reader’s benefits, use ‘you’ [Ariyh insight], and simplify your copy. For example, tweak the title, subtitle, and steps to be more about their needs, such as “Tell us what you need, and we’ll show you how [Product] can achieve that for you”

4) Adjust the demo call’s time

Your target audience is busy. Adjust the time needed for the call. On the left you tell people that they will have a 15min call, then a 45min live demo. But on the booking form to the right you say the call will be 15min (while it sounds like it’s 1 hour). That probably hurts credibility.

Try to instead shorten the time and use precise numbers, which are more credible [Ariyh insight]. For example, shorten the demo to 35min, and make the CTA “Book your 50 minute call”.

5) Optional: Reduce the number of fields in the form

Less mental effort (i.e. friction) makes people more likely to complete something. The same would happen for this form: if you reduce the number of fields, visitors will be more likely to complete it, and conversions will increase. You could only keep “Name”, “Email”, “Company”, and “Message”, and then easily enrich the data yourself using automated tools.

Counterpoint: the context is important here, sometimes some friction might be good. This is a booking of a demo for an enterprise plan of a product that’s likely to cost several thousand dollars. It’s not a form for the download of a free brochure. If the visitor won’t go through the small effort of filling out a couple of additional fields, what are the chances that they’re a qualified lead?

📖 Research cited

Remember: Peer-reviewed, scientific evidence is the best knowledge we have - by far. But that does not mean it is guaranteed to work in your situation. If it’s a risky change, always test it on a small scale before rolling it out widely.

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