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Q&A: How do you improve this reactivation email?

Science-based insights to improve a customer reactivation email of an audiovisual equipment rental marketplace.

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Topics: Messaging & Copy | Referrals
For: Both B2C and B2B

👤 Question from

Jonathan Elalouf, Founder & CEO, Lightyshare - An audiovisual equipment rental marketplace in France.

❓ Question

This is the first email in our campaign to reactivate users who have been inactive for more than 45 days (originally in French, translated to English automatically). It reminds people of our platform’s benefits.

How can we improve the copy and/or make it more effective?

🎓 Answer

Good approach to remind previous customers about your benefits. I would double down on it, and then add an extra element to it.

Doubling down on benefits

1) Reduce it to your 3 strongest benefits. The ‘rule of 3’ finds that focusing on your 3 strongest benefits makes you more persuasive than when you list more (or weaker ones). Focus on the 3 you know are most convincing (e.g. 40% cheaper, 15,000+ available, and seamless invoicing). [Ariyh insight]

2) Shorten and redesign the email to display your 3 main benefits so they are visible ‘above the fold’ as soon as someone opens the email

3) Since you have the receiver’s first name, include it in the subject line (only do so for certain emails, don’t overuse it). It will capture more of their attention, so they will be more likely to open it [Ariyh insight]

Adding an extra element - Encouraging referrals

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