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Ariyh’s Ecommerce Playbook is here!

74 Ecommerce optimizations from the latest science. 1,200+ pages of research summarized into actionable techniques.

Right on time to get your Ecommerce store in top shape for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

In recent years, scientists have discovered hundreds of improvements for Ecommerce businesses. For example:

  • How to easily make products more attractive (e.g. Sharma & Kumar, 2022)

  • The optimal moment to retarget cart abandoners (Li et al., 2020)

  • How to frame promotions so that they convert better (e.g. Zane et al., 2021)

But only very few giant businesses have the teams of PhDs, time, and money to analyze and apply these discoveries.

So everyone else is left to rely on biased opinions, sketchy “$ecr€t tips to +997% sales”, or has to reinvent the wheel themselves - wasting precious resources.

This is absurd.

So I teamed up with Stefano Puntoni, Professor of Marketing at Wharton.

And we fixed it for you.

Presenting: the latest, most useful, scientific discoveries to optimize your Ecommerce store, in a simple, practical Playbook.

Only $49, for $2,200 worth of research papers.

📙 What’s in the Ecommerce Playbook

  • 74 Ecommerce recommendations, based on the latest research from 200+ top scientists.

  • Practical instructions on what to optimize and why, with examples. No filler, to the point.

  • 1,200+ pages worth of research papers, summarized into just 48 pages.

📘 Building on the Pricing & Promotions Playbook

Over 550 of you already love The Science-based Playbook of Pricing & Promotions and rated it 5/5 (which is a little embarrassing, because ideally it should have an imperfect rating - but hey I’m not complaining - thank you so much!).

I’m extremely happy with it, and you should check it out and put it to use if you haven’t yet.

But here’s why I’m convinced the Ecommerce Playbook is even better:

1) This playbook has almost 5x more recommendations. That means many more opportunities for optimizations, experiments, and even larger impact on your results.

2) Stefano Puntoni joined me in creating this playbook. He is Professor of Marketing at Wharton Business School, arguably the best marketing school in the world. It’s where Google and Estée Lauder train their marketers. Now you get many of those learnings too, in Ariyh style.

3) It was a team effort. On top of Stefano, we were supported by two Marketing PhDs and an experienced marketer, to make it top-notch and verify the accuracy of everything that’s in the playbook.

Not in Ecommerce? Buying the playbook is a great way to support Ariyh. Consider buying the playbook and gifting it to a friend in Ecommerce. You help them, and Ariyh!

Looking for a different playbook? Don’t worry, I’ve already started working on the next playbook, there are plenty more to come!