Free returns aren’t profitable in the short-term, but they are the cost of doing business if you want customers to buy from you again.
Conversions increased 14% and total sales 28% when call-to-action (CTA) buttons directly made people decide about quantity (e.g. “Buy 1” vs “Buy 2” vs…
In a series of 70 experiments, 90% of the sales increase was because email coupons worked as effective ads and people bought other products, not because…
Ad speed influences which type of message works best. Slow ads work best to communicate benefits and quality. Fast ads are best for features and prices.
B2B social media images attract more positive engagement when they use cold, dark colors because they signal competence. Warm colors trigger emotions so…
Clever and witty humor increases feelings of brand warmth and competence, and makes people more likely to engage with you. Generic humor doesn’t work.
Promotions that offer an extra upgrade (e.g. a bigger size, an additional product) sell more if people need to pay a small amount for the upgrade (e.g…
A paid subscription that gives special benefits to members (e.g. Amazon Prime’s free shipping) increased spending at a retailer by more than 3x…
Dogs make people more attracted to products focused on gains (e.g. fun experiences, risky gambles, meeting new people). Cats increase sales of products…
An analysis of views of 27,000 TV ads from 3,200 brands found a strong correlation between ad energy and the probability of viewing it.
When hotels started to consistently respond to reviews on TripAdvisor, they received 12% more reviews and their star ratings increased 0.12.
Privacy policy notices hurt trust - instead of increasing it - when they are excessively formal and legal-sounding. Lower trust reduces sales.