Science-based messaging doesn’t work well for products bought for fun and pleasure - it can make people 30% less likely to choose your product
To increase the effectiveness of a .99 pricing strategy by up to 10% (e.g. using $1.99 vs. $2.00), mention the original price on the price tag
Recommend pairings of two different products to seem like an expert (e.g. a rug to match a sofa). In experiments, that increased ad clicks by 21%
Keep your content simple, snappy, and exciting. Research found that people are 25% more likely to read until the end.

February 2023

Earning a coupon by doing an activity with friends makes people up to 21% more likely to buy from you using the coupon.
People are willing to pay up to 49% more when you describe a product in quantities they intuitively understand (e.g. 6 pieces, not 0.5 ounces).
To cut product returns up to 50%, frame a promotion as a free gift (Buy X and get Y for free), not a bundle (Buy X and Y at a special price).
Photos of people holding your product boost intentions to buy (+70% on Instagram). Selfies with your product increase engagement and reach (+49% on…

January 2023

Virtual influencers make your brand stand out and make your products seem more innovative.
Shine a reflection of light on your product. In experiments, people rated products up to 23% more attractive and were 32% more likely to say they would…
Don’t display your product alone. Show it alongside copies of itself. People will perceive it as more effective, both when deciding to buy it and when…
When presenting a product, don’t add comments such as “it usually looks nicer”, “it looks even better when…”. They backfire. For example, people were…