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Mobile buyers want unique (vs popular) products

Use non-rounded discounts

What’s next at Ariyh

Reassure, don’t pressure people

Technical language hurts your sales

The big impact of a single negative review

The science of how often to post on social media

When to show off that you’re a new brand

Encourage people to hold your product

Keep your product packaging simple

When to use real vs unrealistic product images

The impact of credible vs sketchy marketing

Show products next to the problem they solve

Messages in present tense are more persuasive

Show a product’s ‘likes’ to boost sales

Don’t misspell your brand name

How to make limited-time offers effective

Give refunds instantly

6 insights from the Ecommerce Playbook

Ariyh’s Ecommerce Playbook is here!

Offer a free shipping subscription

Don’t ask for reviews too soon

(Mildly) surprising copy converts better

Headphones make you more persuasive

Disappearing content is more memorable

Friends make influencers more engaging

Don’t tell people how much to tip

Price placebos are weaker than we thought

How one-click buy buttons boost sales

Boost conversions with more white space

Slow motion = luxury

The shopping cart that boosts sales 33%

The optimal follower size for engagement

Sustainable products have higher revenue

Products should face the center of your ads

When ‘science-based’ backfires

When $.99 pricing works best

Suggest product pairings to boost your sales

The 3 science-based rules of writing

Coupons earned with a friend drive more sales

Make an ounce worth more than an ounce

Use ‘gifts’ to reduce product returns

The science of product selfies

Should your influencers be human - or virtual?

Make your products shine

Show multiple copies of your product

Don’t say “It’s usually better”