Sitemap - 2022 - Ariyh

My 3 favorite marketing tactics of 2022

How to design your brand to feel safe, or exciting

Show off that you’re a small company

Take advantage of rude complaints

Where you should display your price

The teasing effect

Boost content to reach your page followers

Coffee increases spending by 50%

Make people want to ‘grab’ your product

Use ‘you’ in your copy to boost results

The optimal free trial length

Metaphors make your ads more memorable

How to nudge freemium users to buy

Reverse how you frame your promotions

Say “Gift” not “Donate” to increase donations

Handwritten thank you notes increase sales

Don’t sound weak. Use negations

Ariyh turns 2 - The top 5 insights of the year

Give tours of your company

How to maximize your influencer campaigns

Don’t use money for referral rewards

When to use horizontal vs vertical product layouts

Why you should differentiate your startup

The effect of [first name] in email subject lines

Copy the ads of larger competitors

Why you should offer free returns

Use quantity-focused CTAs

How email coupons drive sales

When to use slow vs fast ads

Use cold colors in B2B, warm colors in B2C

Clever humor boosts your brand

When 1¢ sells more than free

Paid memberships increase sales of your products

Cats and dogs increase sales

People watch high energy ads more

Reply to all reviews

Privacy guarantees can reduce sales

Ariyh’s Pricing Playbook 📘 (+ When to use 0.99 prices)

Unintentional offers are more attractive

Show a hand touching your product

Clickbait doesn’t work

4.3 stars sells more than 4.9 stars

$2,111 is better than $1,999 (+ Pricing Playbook 📘)

Perform 30%-100% better by A/B testing

The science of when to post on social media

When $20 is better than $19.99

Praise your competitors

Don’t ask too many questions

When big discounts backfire

Extraordinary warranties