Sitemap - 2021 - Ariyh

Give your products space

Micro-influencers drive more sales

High referral rewards = worse customers

Frame your product as the ‘gift’ in a bundle

Far is prestigious, near is mainstream

Say “Thank you” not “Sorry”

The “Sold-out” effect

Invent ‘Special Days’ to launch promotions

Sustainability signals quality

How to encourage pre-orders

Short, easy names are more trustworthy

Productize your service

People remember print ads better

Ingredient branding

Simplify your prices

Use GIFs or emojis, not both

How to respond to complaints on social media

Anniversary special: Top 5 insights

Which online channels to prioritize

Using NPS to predict growth

The Amazon effect

Don’t retarget shoppers too early

Promoting early platform growth

The rule of three in persuasion

Sales activity incentives

How to boost revenue with free samples

Which review you should show first

The IKEA effect

Use consistent endings in discounts

A simple rule to use $10 vs 10% off

People love crowdfunded products

The Chief Marketing Officer matters

The feminine brand name advantage

Prices in red attract men

Give gifts to boost word of mouth

Use pay-what-you-want promotions

Flat rates sell better than pay-per-use

When to use video to promote your product

Scarcity tactics can anger customers

The power of personal

How to be an unbiased marketer

Brands improve people’s performance

Uppercase brand names feel more premium

Show your costs to boost sales

What makes YouTube videos successful?

Use color saturation to change product size perceptions

How marketers helped Ugandan entrepreneurs grow 51.7%

High quality audio makes you sound smarter

Increase customer lifetime value 29.5% with “Buy 10 get 1 free”

A new, better way to decide your pricing

How to efficiently find a product that sells

Which ads work best in emerging vs developed markets

Use vertical video ads for mobile

How to stop new customers from pushing away existing ones

Emotionally volatile content is more engaging

Place future-related items on the right

What makes a voice persuasive

The downside of company uniforms

How the first review decides the fate of your product

How feedback surveys can boost spending by 131%

Use ‘Pick-your-price’ to boost sales

Frame your product as an experience to boost reviews

Be careful with fancy words in your product description

Stories about others get retweeted more

Show your product’s ‘viewed’ or ‘purchased’ numbers

Say “I” not “We” when speaking to customers

People avoid buying from firms with high gender pay gaps

The effect of “Vote with your tip: Cats or Dogs?”

When people in ads should look at the viewer - or away

Why you should add a scent to your product

Profits are higher when your sales team sides with customers

365 days or 1 year? Smaller units are more credible

When to use AI vs humans to give product recommendations

Make your loyalty rewards a gamble, not a certainty

If customers feel distant from your brand, use abstract language

Some negative reviews are good for you