Sitemap - 2020 - Ariyh

‘Friend’ influencers drive more sales than ‘opinion-leaders’

Eco-friendly products boost customer satisfaction

Gamify your marketing opt-in

Don’t showcase all your good features, it backfires

When to use emotional vs informational ads

When 25 ‘pieces’ of chocolate is better than 500 ‘grams’

Complementary products boost your main product

How to reduce choice overload and increase satisfaction

Launch a polished mobile app, not an MVP

Where to position rational vs emotional messages

People want to hear what your product sounds like

Smile less to appear confident and boost sales

Coupons: when to give ‘10% off’ vs ‘$10 off’

Use ‘was 25% higher’ instead of ‘now 20% lower’

‘Default option’ nudges: be careful how you use them

Use “Handwritten” fonts to increase sales

How emojis increase social media engagement

Use “pseudo-sets” to control how many actions people take

Amazon sales will grow your website sales too

Altruistic referrals are 86% more effective

Assertive words increase engagement

$21,400 is better than $20,000

Brands and politics. Not a bad idea after all?

People love products with rituals

Hold on to your crisis-hit customers, it pays off

Your ads should show people using your product

How to reduce churn with loyalty rewards

$0 is better than ‘free’

Make your experiences memorable, not just seamless

What makes people share Facebook video ads

How to design your digital paywall

Pre-fill referral messages to make them more effective

Offline experience stores supercharge online sales

Show your service employees on your website

Using specific language increases customer spending

Introducing Ariyh: Evidence-based Marketing