What is Ariyh?

Ariyh gives you marketing insights based on evidence.

No self-promotional opinions, biased surveys, or questionable data.

So where does Ariyh’s data come from?

The best data we have available: scientific research.

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What do I get if I subscribe?

You will receive a short, actionable insight based on a research paper. Every Tuesday.

The focus is on research published in the last 1-2 months. However, if nothing highly impactful has been published recently, you will receive an underapplied study released within the last 10 years

Each insight contains:

  • A recommendation

  • The effect(s) discovered in the study

  • Why it works

  • Limitations of the research

  • Companies currently using it

  • Steps to implement it

  • Study type (e.g. experiment, real-world observation)

  • Source (with link to original research paper)

  • Affiliations (e.g. universities, companies)

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Tell me more about the science

Scientific research in marketing is typically performed by university professors using the latest technology and statistical techniques (e.g. fMRI scans, Bayesian modeling). 

The vast majority of companies - even research companies - don’t have the resources to perform research at this level. It requires huge amounts of:

  • Money (an fMRI machine costs $5 million)

  • Training (advances in statistics and data analysis happen at breakneck speed)

  • Time (one research paper typically takes 6 to 24 months to be published)

Once researchers complete a study, it’s discussed and reviewed by fellow experts in the same field around the world. This usually happens in several rounds. Errors are caught, interpretations are challenged, and researchers need to defend their findings under harsh scrutiny.

Typically, the research produced by companies is not peer-reviewed. It doesn’t receive anywhere near this level of checks and reviews.

After this process, if a research paper is worthy, it will be accepted by the editors of a scientific journal. The better a journal (based on its impact factor: the number of times its papers have been previously cited by others), the higher the expected quality of a study.

Ariyh only uses research published in the best scientific journals (e.g. Management Science, Psychological science, Journal of Marketing).

What type of research does Ariyh review?

It varies. Most of the research falls under the umbrella of behavioral science. It spans psychology, neuroscience, and economics.

More than 10,000 research papers in marketing are published each year.

Of those, about 90% are not useful to marketers in practice, about 8-9% are very niche or of negligible impact, and 1-2% are highly impactful in practice. The latter is what gets published by Ariyh.

Why is it so difficult to find science-based marketing?

Researchers publish to advance their careers in academia. They are usually not incentivized to write for marketers. This means they use terminology and produce research that is often not relevant to marketers today - although it may build the basis for future discoveries.

Over time, scientific research and marketing practice have become two distinct worlds. This gap is occasionally closed by conferences, books, trainings, or companies that can afford to hire scientists. However, this typically means it takes several years for scientific research to trickle down to marketers.

As a result - until now - the majority of useful research was either overlooked or took several years to land in the hands of marketers.

Important: Scientific research is the best data we have but studies could still be revised in the future or disproven (although this is rare). It also may not be generalizable to your situation. Always try to test it on a small scale before rolling it out widely.

Is it free?

Yes. However, in the future, I may need your support to build this into a sustainable resource for us marketers.

For now, the only way I ask you to support Ariyh is to spread the word please :)

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Who are you?

Hi, I’m Thomas. I’m the person behind Ariyh.

Before Ariyh, I worked in marketing and product management both in startups and at Google. I’m an alumnus of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, where I studied Marketing Management and worked as a research assistant.

I went in and out of academia a couple of times during my career. This gave me the perspective of what matters to marketers, and how we speak - while giving me the ability to interpret what researchers mean, and what will be useful in practice.

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P.S.: Ariyh means Academic Research In Your Hands